Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Research Center

IDDRC Structure

The IDDRC provides support to investigators studying a broad range of topics relevant to furthering our understanding of developmental disorders. This support is provided by the following cores:


Administrative Core: Center Directors – Drs. and Ali Fatemi; Co-Director – Dr. Heather Volk

Clinical Translational Core: Co-Directors – Drs. Ali Fatemi and Sujatha Kannan

Genomics Core: Co-Directors – Drs. Jonathan Pevsner and Kimberly Doheny

Neuroimaging Core: Director – Dr. Peter van Zijl

Behavioral Phenotyping Core: Co-Directors – Drs. Louis Hagopian and Cynthia Salorio

Research Project: Co-Directors – Drs. Stewart Mostofsky and Heather Volk